The 888tron tokens are automatically awarded to all the players for every bet made on , no matter if the bet was won or lost. This process of obtaining tokens through betting is called mining.
Token Mining difficulty
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Token mining is controlled by blockchain based smart contracts.
  • Token name: 888tron
  • Token address: TLvDJcvKJDi3QuHgFbJC6SeTj3UacmtQU3
  • Token type: TRON TRC-20

The smart contract code is open and has been verified by the community: Github 888 contracts and Github 888 token. The smart contract algorithm is coded so that no more than 100 million tokens can be mined at all times. At this moment, around $33 million tokens have been mined.

Tokens are mined by the players in a 65/35 proportion

So for each token mined by the player, only 0.35 goes back to the team. Team tokens cannot be withdrawn from the smart contract until all tokens are mined.

The mining difficulty increases as more tokens are mined

Currently, in order to mine one 888Tron token, the player must place bets totalling $97. The token is credited to the player's account automatically in real time in fractional values.

How to start mining the tokens 888:
  • Register at 888starz.bet.
    * if for any reason the site is not available in your region, use the free VPN service from 888starz.bet or use any available mirror websites to enter.
  • Top up your gaming account by any convenient way.
    * supports all fiat payment methods and over 37 crypto currencies.
  • When adding money to your account, make sure that the selected currency of your account matches the currency of the payment method.
    * in order to avoid conversion fees for your currency.
  • Replenishing your gaming account with crypto currency gives you the following advantages:
    • High transaction speed.
    • No limits for deposit / withdrawal of funds.
    • Special promotions and bonuses for crypto users.
  • Place bets on any slot game or live casino.
  • 888tron tokens will be automatically credited to your account balance in real time.
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